LED lights vs. Incandescent lights for Christmas

During this holiday season, walking by festive homes lit up with Christmas lights and inflatable snowmen may inspire you to put up lights on your own Chino Hills home. However, knowing what type of lights to buy and the amount that this may add to your electricity bill could help you out during this holiday season.

According to Xcel, on average, five strands of LED Christmas lights (the average number used by American households) will add only 22 cents to your December electric bill. However, the same amount of incandescent lights will raise your bill $13.65 for the same period of time.

However, the upfront price of incandescent lights fool many consumers; they are much cheaper up front. Roughly, 25 strands incandescent bulbs sell for $7.50 where 25 strands of LED lights go for nearly twice of that price at $13.

When adding the prices up, for one Christmas:

Incandescent lights: $37.45(cost of five strands) + $13.65 (energy cost)= $51.10

LED lights: $64.95(cost of five strands) + 0.22(energy cost)= $65.17

However, since most people reuse their Christmas lights, this cost soon catches up.

For three Christmases:

Incandescent lights: $37.45(cost of five strands) + $40.95 (energy cost)= $78.40LED lights: $64.95(cost of five strands) + 0.66(energy cost)= $65.61

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